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Digital engraving / score editing

Digitizing or transposing from a handwritten or printed score

Cleaning up or transposing from an existing sequencer or MusicXML file, or Finale project

Parts extraction from a handwritten, printed or digital score (cues optional)

Editing scores and parts for playability (adding articulations, phrase slurs, etc.)

• Adding string bowings

• Adding fingerings (violin only)

Transcriptions / arrangements

Arrangement from a handwritten, printed or digital score (with or without orchestration)

Transcription or arrangement from existing recordings (with or without orchestration)

Transcription directly from composer's live (in person or call) or recorded dictation

Location session setup includes computer, studio monitors, optional keyboard controller, and optional large display


Electronic performance synthesis from sequencer file, handwritten, or printed score

background credit: Celil Refik Kaya Baião  (2016)